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Finger alligator iphone case handcrafted in france. Premium leather Xs max

Luxury iPhone Cases Handmade in France

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custom alligator airpods apple premium leather duc henri hadoro paris

Handcrafted Custom AirPods

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Luxury custom wireless qi charger in premium alligator leather hadoro

The First Wireless Charger in Alligator

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Combining Age-Old Art with New Technologies

At DUC HENRI we combine age-old art of tanning and leatherwork with new technologies to create timeless and innovative products.

From the cutting to the creation of the product in exotic leather we don't use any automatic machine. Every step is done by hand.

Every product is unique as two skins are never the same.

Luxury Tech Accessories Handcrafted In France. New iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cases are available!


The Owners of DUC HENRI product are part of a small community of people who want the best. 

We will always be available to answer your questions about the maintenance of the leather of your product, request for a new product...

Your new Luxury iPhone Case, or Custom AirPods is made to last over time and never let you down.

Leather is a natural product, meaning the color and texture of your product will change with the time to give a unique aspect.

As owner, you will receive updates, special offers...