How to care for the leather of your DUC HENRI product?

If you are the Owner of a DUC HENRI product, or owner of a product in Alligator, you may need to make your product shinning again, remove marks...

Why do I need to take care of my product in leather?

Leather is an organic product, evolving with the time, to the weather conditions.

As your skin, you have to hydrate the leather, clean it. 

Different finitions as Shinny, Millenium, Matt, require different care.

With the Shinny alligator you will quickly see small fingerprint, the leather will become matt because  of the hand sweating. 

The Millenium one will need a bit less of care because it's less shinny so marks will be less visible.

Matt Alligator is the best way to have an Alligator product with a minimum of caring to do.


How often do I have to take care of my product?

There is not an exact answer to this question. It will depend of how much you utilize and touch your product, since when you have the product, if it's used in a wet environment...

The best things to do is not to wait to see that your product need cream or a cleaning because sometimes it's too late.


What can I do?

The Most Important Thing is to USE ONLY PRODUCTS MADE FOR EXOTIC LEATHERS. If you don't it will damage the skin.

You can use a dry Chamois skin to remove the fingerprints and help the shining to comes back. On Matt leather you can then use a slightly damp chamois skin.

Then use your conditionner for Alligator Leather.


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