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You are more than unique


Established in France near Lyon, DUC HENRI dress your favorite Tech Accessories.
In our atelier we work with a fully handmade process from cutting to finishing.
Working only with the best French Suppliers for the leather to ensure quality and traceabilty.

"We are proud to be able to use the "Made in France" sign."

Thanks to our production in France, we are proud to be able to use the "Made in France" sign. 

This shows that we respect the criteria of quality and origin. 

Every product is delivered with the CITES Certificat to provide the origin of the leather.

Duc henri the passion of luxury

Your imagination is our only limit.
We have a large range of skins as Alligator, Ostrich, Lizard, Python, Stingray... We offer custom product with initials or special design.
To ensure having a sustainable environment, Duc Henri makes annual donation to non-profit organizations focused on environment to preserve and save our plant.
With plenty of products from iPhone Cases, Custom AirPods, Wireless Charger, to Apple Watch Straps, we are sure one of them will fit your needs and make you enter in the small community of Duc Henri product owner.
From iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max we cover every iPhone model to meet your needs.
We were the first to release Alligator Wireless Charger. Made to beautify a desk in your office or next to your bed, it will always look nice and useful. You can charge your phone or AirPods.
You can buy on our online store or in one of our store.
If you want further information, or need to contact our team, feel free to send us a message, we will be happy to help you.